Are you new to Canberra or considering the possibility of relocating here?

Canberra has a unique employment market and this can provide some challenges in the initial stages of your relocation and/or job search. As the nation’s capital, Canberra is somewhat inaccurately defined as a purely government city, where the vast majority of employment is within the Commonwealth and Territory Governments. In fact there is a strong balance between government and non-government employment and even more so when you take into consideration towns and cities just outside our border. Whilst Canberra does not have many blue-chip companies, this is compensated by the many SME’s, branches or divisions of the larger companies, not for profits and other entities that successfully operate in the region. Of course, many support government but there also plenty that support the broader population and even further afield.

When relocating and/or considering the move to Canberra, it is very useful to take note of the restrictions placed on non-residents and even in some cases permanent residents, due to the security implications of government and their suppliers.

As noted above, when we first meet and/or discuss with you, your employment prospects in Canberra, we will provide you with a detailed understanding of the Canberra well as current or prospective career opportunities.

However to get you started please find below some links to websites that may be useful in determining if Canberra is suitable for you or to improve the opportunities for you once you are here.

About Canberra:

The Property Market:

If you are not an Australian Citizen or permanent resident, further information can be obtained about securing appropriate visas